Friday, February 21, 2014

Susie, AGAIN?! Yup.

Let's cut to the chase... come September, there will be a new baby in the house!!! I am 12 weeks along with our next little peanut.  It should be nerve wracking and whatnot, but we are genuinely excited.

We found out December 27th, which I'm kind of glad about.  There are lots of emotions that come with a positive pregnancy test and finding out on Christmas (which is when I should have tested positive) would have been overwhelming.  I'm glad the holidays were played out as a family of 6 and we could adjust to this news once our visiting was done.

Never did something so small, as a tiny pink line, mean so much! 

After finding out, I pre-nested for 2 weeks cleaning and organizing everything and anything.  But why?!  Well, because I knew I would be knocked on my butt with morning sickness and I wanted everything to be as caught up as possible.

Mid-January, morning sickness arrived like clock work "Oh, you are 6 weeks TODAY, here is your nausea right on time!!!!!"  Oh, why thank you, body.  Ever wonder why/how I'm so structured and scheduled?  It's literally ingrained in me.

January 28th I went for my first ultrasound and appointment.  Baby looked and measured perfectly.  September 3rd was declared my due date (which was the date I guessed too) and I met my new Dr.  He shares the office with Dr. P and shares the staff, so I feel like I'm in good hands.  Dr. P is right there to rough up this new guy if anything goes amiss so I'm feeling good about the switch.  :P

After that appointment, we told family and things slowly leaked.  My belly slowly grew.

10 week belly

Here we are.  I'm now 12 weeks and still feeling quite gorss, but there seems to be better days and worse days.  I borrowed a doppler from Jim's cousin and I have found the heart beat twice. That's super exciting. :) 

Now, the only tricky part is reactions.  I've been generally surprised with positive reactions so far.  Friends and family have been genuinely excited and supportive.  You can read through people so there have been one or two that have been iffy, but I plan to focus on the positive reaction and positives that surround this little peanut.  Five kids isn't for everyone, but apparently it's for us!!! We said God was planning our family and we have the fruits to show for it. <3 :="" are="" blessed.="" br="" we="">
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Rosie said...

Congratulations!!! Prayers for an uncomplicated pregnancy and maybe a little rest before baby arrives?