Monday, February 24, 2014

tooth lost!

Starting last year, kids in June's class started losing teeth.  Much to June's dismay, he didn't have a singe wiggler.  Then, he did lose a tooth, but not in the way he had hoped.   That started the fear of the denstist that June now has, though I'm happy to say we are DONE all the work in his mouth nad the next time he goes in he will just have a check-up and hopefully, no new cavities.  That mouth was a mess.  He ended up with a tooth pulled becuase it absessed.  Three (THREE) crowns put in to save the other molars and I think 4 cavities up top filled.  After all that was done, he (very recently) got a bridge put in where the tooth was pulled.  Oy.  And I have no cavities.  I'm 30.  Riddle me that.

Back to topic, after waiting and waiting and waiting for a tooth to start to wiggle, the bottom front TWO did a few months ago.  I rushed to buy a cute tooth fairy bag for him and assumed they would fall out like, right then.  Well, no.  They took a few months to shake lose.

You can see the crown, crown, crown, bridge.
Also, he has his adult teeth moving in behind.  Those baby teeth need to hit the road!

Last night one was very wiggly and even a little painful for him.  I told him to wiggle it and he finally agreed to let me try to tug at it once.  Just once.  I got a paper towel and carefully isolated the tooth, knowing this was my one shot.  I latched on and >pop< out it came with NO effort.  It was hanging on by a thread.

He was thrilled.  We found his fairy bag and wrote a note to ask the tooth fairy if he can keep his teeth and he arrange it under his pillow.  The tooth fairy left a golden dollar and a reciept.  I'll include those in another post.  I forgot to take a photo.

Here is my toothless June.  Next up, bottom tooth #2!

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