Thursday, July 10, 2014

32 weeks, baby 5

32 weeks... there is less than 2 months until baby is due!

About Her: 

Baby girl is about 3-4 pounds right now and 16-17 inches.  Long gone are the days of being sea horse shaped and the size of a grain of rice.  She will work hard in the next 8 weeks to grow about 4 more inches and 5 more pounds.  She is head-down and I am praying she stays that way, unlike her sister that did acrobat moves to flip breech at 34 weeks and back to head-down by 36.  Show off.  Emily had to show she would be unique right from the get-go.  She has proven just that!  Hopefully this little lady just stays put!

She still doesn't move a ton. I do feel her regularly, however she is... I can only best describe it as... gentle.  She doesn't kick, or squirm, or wiggle.  She nudges me with her feet. I will feel them pushed against my belly, not with much force, but she lets me know she's there.  She hiccups too.  I really feel like she's a sweet little thing with a docile temperament.  She seems non-intrusive and content.  Time will tell and there is the chance that I'm wrong, but she just seems so laid back from her movements.  I could use laid back in this house.  Maybe she will simmer down the others. ;)

About Me: 

I am doing well!! I keep waiting for the heat to get to me, or for me to get achy and uncomfortable.  Granted, there is PLENTY of time for that and sure I get tired, but I am counting my blessings that I feel so great.  I literally have none of the third trimester inconveniences.  I don't have to pee often (I know you wanted to know about that... highly important).  I can still eat normally, even though my stomach should be squished.  I can breath normally and don't get out of breath any quicker.  No heartburn.  I'm comfortable, even though she is gaining in size, and thus is my belly.  Seriously, no complaints.  Surreal right?  I'm loving this pregnancy. (Of course the first 20 weeks were a different story, but once I am past those weeks I like to leave them as a foggy memory and not drudge up old details.)

I believe part of it has been that I've been taking care of myself pretty well this time around.  I've been craving fruit and have been trying to eat well (amid my sweets... I do still enjoy my ice cream).  I have also been exercising very regularly.  I want to post about that progression because I'm becoming a big fan of pregnancy workouts, but until I orchestrate that blog post, let's just say that although it's effort I really feel like the benefits are outweighing the effort.  I don't feel 32 weeks pregnant... I usually feel very "32 weeks pregnant" by this point. :P

I'm also so excited to meet her. I feel no rush to get her here, but at the same point, I anticipate seeing her little face and learning more about her.  I want to see her with the kids and let them soak her in and let her acclimate to the family.  I have felt this excitement of getting to know her from early on and I think it's because I have really learned to connect my pregnancy with this little person.  Each of my kids is different and I'm curious to see what attributes she brings.  In the past I felt like there was 1. a pregnancy and 2. a baby.  Now I have more of an awareness that from the beginning this little one is him or herself.  They are them, even at sea horse size.  I have felt connected to her and am so looking forward to meeting her.

In the meantime, I am officially less than 2 months from my due date (which she likely won't come by) and am officially eight months pregnant.  EIGHT.  I've been pregnant since December.  Isn't that unreal?!

And here is the obligatory belly pic.  :)

Top view... whoa! 

Until 34 weeks... :) 

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