Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This is 41 weeks...

Today I am officially a full week "late."  I know I'm not really late as babies can come anywhere from 38-42 weeks and be fully baked, not early or late, but still once your due date passes life turns into something completely different than before.

I don't expect my babies prior to 39 weeks.  I only remain semi-hopeful that they will come before their due date.  There is a realm of possibility within that week, but I don't really really expect to go into labor. June came at 39 weeks 1 day so I know it's possible for me, but it's not the average.

Once my due date hits, I feel like it's time.  Each day that passes after your due date is... bizarre.  The days feel longer.  There are symptoms to analyze and mental milestones to hit: next doctor appointment, a meeting you were hoping to get to, etc.  Nesting gets old because you've been nesting for WEEKS and cleaning a bathroom one more time just loses it's luster.  I become mentally consumed with how I'm feeling and what's going on with me, that I don't feel like trouble shooting aspects in parenting and aspects in life.  I have tunnel vision: baby.  Baby baby baby.

I know it will be hard once she's here.  I've done this four other times.  I remember well the newborn stage.  I remember the transition.  The hard transition, Emily is only 20 months after all... I just did this.  Those things start to not matter...  I need to be able to function again.  I need my body back.  I need my energy back.  I need my mood back.  I need to start getting back to normal life and stop living in "Is the baby coming NOW?!" mode.  It's consuming and it's nothing like anything else.  That exciting anticipation turns to questioning if that baby will ever come out.  Does your body even know what it's doing?  What if she really stays in there forever?!

Of course your body knows what it's doing and labor isn't always a wham bam fast process.  On Monday I went to the doctor.  I was 2 cm and 70% effaced.  He was able to do a membrane sweep, which was a potential labor starter.  No real labor stemmed from it, but I have had contractions both nights afterward and mild intermittent ones during the day.   There were two other more immediate labor signs that I have seen since then... yesterday and again today I'm seeing them... these (rather gross so I'll spare you the details) signs point to labor looming, however, I'm still sitting here, in my kitchen, not in labor.

It seems like my body is gearing up and things should be moving along soon, but I am completely reliant on my body and baby girl's time table.  The good news is that she's been moving well and hasn't worried me at all.  I feel like she's safe in there, but I'm so ready to see her pretty little face.  I have gone from feeling ready to not be pregnant, but not entirely ready to add another peanut to our crew, to really anticipating meeting her more so than ending my own discomfort.

I'm ready!  We will see when she is! If all else fails, we will be in the hospital at 7am on Friday morning to be induced.  There will be a baby by the weekend. :)

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