Thursday, June 16, 2016

AACC Dance Connection 2015/2016

Dance 2015/2016... Elizabeth took 2 classes: tap and ballet.  Josh took tap as well.

Every Thursday the kids and I sat while they took their classes.  That hour at dance was probably the hardest part of the week. During the nice weather it was easy bc I could let the kids run behind the dance studio and still see them and the dance class.  However, for most of the year we were indoors and spent that hour keeping the little ones quiet and in one place while the kids had class.  I will say it was worth it, but I am so very happy that the year has concluded.  I have my fingers crossed for a more convenient time so I don't have to lug everyone next year.  Actually, Emily will be our only dancer next year.  Eliz wants to cheer and Josh, lol, let's just say tap wasn't the love of his life, but he stuck it out for this year.  Emily is THRILLED to be doing the preschool class in 2016/1017 and am I crazy for wanting to take the adult tap class?  I don't want to be in a recital, BUT I kinda want to tap.

Anyway, here are some photos from this year's recital. 

My prima ballerina. 

The tappers.

Before-recital selfie.

Elizabeth's award
(with her kindergarten teacher who is also the head of the dance school)

Josh's award 
(I think this may have been the sole reason he wanted to tap this year)

Elizabeth and her buddy, Grace.  These two are so cute together! BFFs for sure!

Because... ballarina buns!!!! Backstage the girls played so well together.  It's cool to watch.

God-mama photo op!  
Aunt Meghan wins the prize because Elizabeth thought those flowers were the best EVER!

Grandma came!! 

Jim got to see the show this year.  Last year he was stuck home with the other kids.  I was a dressing-room-mom for the first show and got to sit and see the second one with Jim.  So fun. 

Here is the tap number... Friends For Life

Here is the ballet (Eliz is front right to start): When She Loved Me

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