Monday, September 19, 2016

Going Home: Part 4

House officially listed this next chunk of weeks felt like a continual checklist and a test of.. something.

Here are the raw details:

Showings: 6 in the the first 9 days

Offer(s): 2 came in on the 10th day.

Details: An offer came in from Patrick and from a showing.  The showing offer even countered above asking price when they heard we were going to choose Patrick's offer. It still wasn't enough to go above the profit we would make from Patrick's offer, so we accepted his.

Inspections: SCARY.  This was one area that felt like it could completely halt this process.  New house: Went well all-in-all, but the final verdict was that it needed a new roof, new downspout, had mold in the attic, and a crack in the chimney.  Being that it's 102 years old, so so so so many things looked great for it's age, but those things we couldn't deny or ignore.  We decided, even if it caused us to walk, we needed to ask for a new roof.  So we did.  And they said: yes.  The sellers said they would replace the roof, add a downspout and add a fan in the attic.  We will handle the mold and crack in the chimney.  Townhouse: Went smooth, no big surprises or issues.  We had fixed a lot through the preparation process and fixed a ongoing leak prior to the inspection.  Anything that came up was minor and Patrick didn't ask for further repairs.

Pretty details from inspection day

Mortgages: Those just took time: compiling resources and emailing documents and waiting.

Fear of the Unknown:  During this part of the process, especially once inspections were done, all of a sudden I started questioning everything: Is this the right house?  What if it costs too much to maintain?  What if something is really wrong in it that the inspection didn't catch?  What if it's haunted?  What if we hate the neighborhood?  What if the kids hate the new school?  What if they make no friends? What if this isn't the right time to move?  What if we don't have enough money for closing? What if... what if,,,, what IF!?  This part drove me absolutely crazy because it was so consuming and added so much internal stress for me.  There were a few people who would say "You must be so excited?!"  All I could think was "I'm terrified!!!!"  I truly was not excited.  The move felt massive and I felt uneasy.

Packing:  Once we got to about a month away from closing I was able to start packing and the process started to feel tangible again.  Boxes started to take up the front room of our house and the weeks ticked by.

Tenants:  The one snag we hit was that the tenants of the new house would not leave.  Two weeks out from closing: still there... no leaving in sight.  Jim had wanted early entry and it looked less and less likely.  Finally, one week away from closing they moved all in one evening.  6 days before closing we were notified that we could do our walk-through the next day and get the keys.  WHOA!

5 days before closing we walked through and were handed keys and spent the next days before closing cleaning, moving over boxes, and organizing said boxes. We bounced from house to house all week.  The girls and I spent the mornings at the new house and afternoons at the old: cleaning and organizing boxes in the new, cleaning and packing at the old. We had help from our parents and friends and by week's end we had all of our stuff moved over.  My father-in-law was over every day from Sunday to Friday. My mother-in-law cleaned with me several days, cooked for us, and kept the little girls Thursday into Friday.  My parents came home from the beach Thursday to help wrangle kids, clean the old house, and help move items to the new.  My friend Emily came one night with a meal and helped me clean the new house.  Marc and Jong helped with the move.  Ruth took Elizabeth one afternoon. Dawn too her another.  Nick and Kari took the boys one afternoon and Jim and I worked our tails off all week.  It was an absolute team effort and we couldn't have done it without help.   By Friday both houses were ready for closing.  We sat down that afternoon and signed our townhouse over to Patrick and signed papers taking on the new house as our own.

I didn't feel scared.  I didn't feel overwhelmed or afraid.  I didn't question or second guess.  I felt ready, calm, and confident.  It felt right.

Leaving closing and walking into our house was so rewarding.  Piled with boxes... littered with stuff... we. were. home.  There is a beauty in change and reward in challenge.  At one point I would have felt way more comfortable turning back and clinging to my safe predictable townhouse, but I would have missed so much reward.  Saturday morning Jim took the kids out in the yard to throw the baseball while I unpacked the kitchen.  We have never been able to do that without packing up and heading to a park.  We fit within this house and it already feels like home.

The next chapter starts for us now... the story is yet to be written, but I have a good feeling about this...

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